The Team

We believe that it’s everyone’s right to feel and be safe everywhere, including online. Nowadays, when most of “everywhere” is online, we feel that it’s about time we make sure that your assets in the digital world are protected and treated with the same attention as in the physical world.

We believe in simplicity - we’re solving one of the biggest pains of this era, by making a once tedious process easy and accessible to all. 

It all starts with awareness, but that’s not enough. Awareness must be followed with practical steps anyone can do, to easily get protected. That’s why we created AlwaysMind, the alarm system for your online accounts, that just shows you what’s at risk, and how to protect yourself.

Yuval Machlin
Co-Founder, Product

Turning vision into reality. Then see what happens and make it better...!

Shahar Mintz
Co-Founder, CTO

Spending my time connecting people with products and products with technology.